Chicago Proud Boys Telegram Chat Logs Identify Chicago Police Officer Rob Bakker as Proud Boy

The Proud Boys are an SPLC-designated hate group for their identity as a far-right neo-fascist organization that admits only men as members and promotes political violence. They’re easily identified with their yellow-ringed knock-off Fred Perry polos and their propensity to get loud, drunk, and in fights. Across the country, they have been condemned for attacking defenseless people in the streets, especially if the PB gang did not agree with their political beliefs, their sexuality or gender orientation, or their religion.

The Proud Boys Chicago chapter operated a clandestine Telegram group called “Fuck Antifa” that was later renamed to “D-Fence Squad” for a significant portion of the summer of 2019. The members of the chat group have been identified as Sean Dolan, “Trigger” Tom Christensen, Nick Stiso, Jon “Heathen” Argumedo and Chicago Police Officer Rob Bakker.

Proud Boy & CPD Officer Rob Bakker

Antifascists were able to infiltrate the Telegram group and glean much intelligence about the internal organization of the Chicago Proud Boys. Antifascists were able to identify a CPD officer who was operating in the group chat alongside Proud Boy Chapter President Tom Christensen as well as other Chicago Proud Boys and previously identified white supremacists organizing in Chicago. Telegram scrapes and screenshots from the Telegram group are available (screenshots, Telegram archives 07-23-2019, Telegram archives 07-31-2019).

In the chat logs, Jon “Heathen” Argumedo talks about a blog that was circulating at the time and the fact that the blog entries were being taken down systematically for violating terms of service. “Trigger” Tom is giving Jon advice on recirculating the same articles on the blog and evading future bans by abbreviating addresses. The blog that Argumedo is discussing here is the now defunct blog, which antifascists were quickly able to get removed for violating terms of service and posting addresses.

Chicago Police Officer and Proud Boy Rob Bakker is a central actor in the group chat, inviting several of the members to meetups.

Do note the profile pic used by “Tommy Chicago Pres” is a direct copy of the Malört icon, which has been noted elsewhere and is an offense to any Chicago resident [archive].

Anyways, Tom Christensen later notes that this meetup was at 1736 W. Balmoral Avenue in Chicago.


Officer Rob Bakker also circulated hoax videos by far-right writer Andy Ngo.

Trigger Tom later posts by the Chicago Police Department on Facebook during Pride Month where Tom tags Rob and asks him to “come get ya boyz.” Officer Rob later states in the chat that he isn’t down with wearing anything rainbow, thus connecting Rob to the Chicago Police Department. This is the first of many references to Officer Rob’s place of employment and identity.