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Tea Party Community helps you connect and share with "We The People" in your life.


Tea Party officially launched on November 1st, 2012.

Tea Party Community (TPC) has been created by Tea Party Conservatives, for Tea Party Conservatives.

Tea Party Community is family owned and operated by Conservative Christians, who believe God, Family and Country come before all else.

The Tea Party website was built in hopes to provide an online safe haven social community for all of the Tea Parties across America to utilize and enjoy. If you like Facebook, you're going to love our Tea Party Community. We are continually working hard to deliver the best possible social community experience, for all of our members.

We encourage all conservatives to join the new community and enjoy all the familiarity of Facebook, without all the restrictions. We also welcome any/all factions of the Tea Party and conservative movement to join us here, and establish their presence. Upgraded and special privileged accounts are available for large conservative groups and non-profit organizations.

Please join us and share with all your friends on FB, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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Thank you for your support!

Meet the TPC core team:

Tim Selaty Sr.
Co-Founder – CEO
Director of Communications and Advertising
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Ken Crow
Co-Founder – Executive Vice President
Director of Business Relations
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Tim Selaty Jr.
Co-Founder – CTO
Director of Web Technologies
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Michelle Selaty
Co-Founder – CFO
Site Administrator
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Kevin Jackson
Spokesman – Director of Online Media
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Tonya Franklin
TPC General Site Manager
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Anna Marie
TPC General Page Manager
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