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The following list of Canadians by net worth includes the 25 wealthiest Canadian individuals and families as determined by Canadian Business. The biweekly publication, Canadian Business has published an annual ranking of the wealthiest Canadian individuals and families since 1998.[1] In addition to the annual rankings published by Canadian Business, a number of Canadians are also featured in The World's Billionaires, an annual ranking of the world's wealthiest people by Forbes, an American-based publication.

Number of billionaires[edit]

According to Canadian Business, in November 2017 there were at least 100 Canadian billionaires when using the Canadian dollar to evaluate net worth.[2] However, the 2019 edition of The World's Billionaires by Forbes listed only 45 Canadians were considered billionaires when using the United States dollar to evaluate net worth.[3] In the 2019 edition of The World's Billionaires, the only Canadians listed in its top 100 was David Thomson and family; placing 27th in the listing with an estimated net worth of US$32.5 billion.[3]


The following is a list of the 25 wealthiest Canadians individuals and families, according to Canadian Business in November 2017.[1]

No. Name Net worth (CAD) Change in net worth from 2016 Residence[2] Sources of wealth
1 David Thomson and family $41.14 billion Increase 5.2% Toronto Thomson Reuters, The Woodbridge Company
2 Joseph Tsai $14.36 billion Increase 73.6% Hong Kong, China Alibaba
3 Galen Weston and family $13.55 billion Increase 2.6% Toronto George Weston Limited, Associated British Foods, Loblaw Companies, Holt Renfrew
4 Edward Rogers III and family $11.57 billion Increase 26.9% Toronto Rogers Communications
5 Lino Saputo and family $10.41 billion Decrease 1.8% Montreal Saputo Incorporated, TransForce
6 Garrett Camp $8.58 billion Decrease 3.9% San Francisco, United States Uber, StumbleUpon
7 Paul Desmarais and family $8.38 billion Increase 24.9% Montreal Power Corporation of Canada
8 Arthur Irving, James Irving, John Irving $7.38 billion Decrease 3.5% Saint John Irving Group of Companies
9 James Armstrong Richardson and family $6.55 billion Increase 10.1% Winnipeg Richardson International
10 Jim Pattison $6.41 billion Increase 11.7% Vancouver Jim Pattison Group
11 Jeffrey Skoll $6.13 billion Increase 11.3% Palo Alto, United States eBay, Participant
12 Richard Li $5.99 billion Increase 34.9% Hong Kong, China PCCW
13 Azrieli family $5.83 billion Increase 23.3% Montreal Azrieli Group
14 Carlo Fidani $4.89 billion Increase 0.6% Toronto Orlando Corporation
15 Bernard Sherman estate $4.77 billion Increase 3.2% Toronto Apotex
16 Wallace McCain estate $4.51 billion Increase 10.5% Toronto McCain Foods, Maple Leaf Foods
17 David Cheriton $4.19 billion Increase 26.2% Palo Alto, United States Arista Networks, Google
18 Alain Bouchard $4.13 billion Decrease 4.6% Montreal Alimentation Couche-Tard
19 Daryl Katz $4.05 billion Steady Edmonton Katz Group of Companies
20 Michael Lee-Chin $3.95 billion Increase 21.2% Burlington Portland Holdings, NCB Financial Group
21 Tom Gaglardi and family $3.92 billion Increase 10.4% Vancouver Northland Properties
22 Apostolopoulos family $3.9 billion Increase 35.9% Toronto Triple Group
23 Harrison McCain estate $3.79 billion Increase 2.4% Florenceville McCain Foods
24 Zekelman family $3.46 billion Increase 63.2% Windsor Atlas Tube
25 Mark Scheinberg $3.37 billion Increase 2.1% London, United Kingdom PokerStars

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